Beginners Yoga 6-Week Course

Watch this space for new dates for 2020

After 15 years of experience in teaching yoga we took some time and created this course in which you can experience yoga in a holistic way.

So give yourself some time. Come to yoga and discover its profound benefits on your body, mind and soul.

We will start with the awareness of your breath and your mind and learn how to incorporate it not only into your yoga practice but also into your daily life. With easy and short home practices you will get a chance to develop your own home daily practice and establish positive changes in your life.

This course is suitable to anyone who wishes to deepen their understandings of yoga and specially of ones own mind.

This course will cover:
– Learning how to calm your mind and how to breathe properly
– Alignment of basic yoga postures (asanas)
– Strengthening of your core and back muscles
– Learning variations of the Sun Salutation sequence
– Establishing a routine for your own home practice
– Relaxing and connecting to your inner peace

“Yoga is not only a disciple of the body but especially of the mind.”

We look forward to seeing you on the mat 🙂

We also offer 2 free classes with these courses (any additional class from our timetable).

To find our more about the benefits of yoga and what we teach in more detail please click here.