TRULY YOUR OWN PRACTICE – Alignment Focused Private Session

You might be relatively new to yoga and would like to work one-on-one to gain a deeper understanding about the intention behind the poses, some fundamental alignment principles or simply would like some help in finding your way into poses.

You might be an experienced practitioner wanting to deepen and refine your practice.

Private sessions are a great tool to have your questions answered. They offer an opportunity to take time to pause and really experience a number of poses which puzzle or challenge you and find ways to make your practice safer, more effective and more aligned with the needs of your body.

You are always welcome to get in touch and we will have a chat about what it is that you are looking for and see whether we are a match and could work together to achieve that. For beginners and experienced practitioners.

YOGA AS THERAPY – Assess, Address, Recover

For a yoga practice to be healing and effective, it is crucial to take into account our starting point – our body, posture and alignment as they are now. Whatever postural tendencies we have and whatever postural imbalances exist in our bodies – we bring them into our practice. These tendencies will affect the way we move into the poses and the way we hold the poses. If we become aware of our postural tendencies and associated muscular imbalances, we can practice intelligently to unravel restricting movement patterns. If we aren’t aware of them, we might unintentionally keep strengthening their grip on us through practice as our bodies will always take path of least resistance, which means falling into our habits rather than reversing them.

During yoga as therapy session, we will first look at where you are now – assess your posture. We will then look at how your posture, muscular imbalances (if any) and past injuries or current pain/discomfort areas affect your movement. Together, we will develop a progressive plan to bring the body back in balance, unravel restricted movement patterns and improve your posture. You will also gain an insight into how to apply yoga poses to your own body for them to work therapeutically and assist your recovery.

The number of session required is based on an individual. Please get in touch to know more. For beginners and experienced practitioners.

SETTING UP A HOME PRACTICE – Yoga Anywhere, Any Time

If you would like to focus your private sessions on helping you set-up a home practice, we can make this happen! Please get in touch and we will discuss you individual goals and requirements.

Cost: $115 for a single session and $540 for 5-sessions

Where: Centre for Higher Self, Level 1, 1 Marion Street, Wellington

More information: please email us on or call 027 831 7063 to enquire or set up an appointment for a private one on one session.

Teachers: Monika Legerska or Katya Mourits or Matha Sorenson – Vincent